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LHD Group Deutschland GmbH continues on the path to success

Successful inauguration of the new company headquarters and the global logistics center in Wesseling


On 20th and 21st April 2018, the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH, together with partners and customers, celebrated the move to the new group headquarters and the launch of the new global logistics center.

The LHD group of companies is a world-wide supplier of service and protective clothing for authorities and industrial customers. The fire protection clothing marketed under the “LION” brand is known for its high level of protection while simultaneously providing special wearing comfort. The clothing is in action, for example, in the fire services in Dortmund, Wuppertal, district of Offenbach, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong. Customers in the sector of work safety and service clothing are, for example, the ADAC, the Carpool Service of the German Armed Forces or Galeria Kaufhof.

The CEO, Marc Hohenleitner, has been in the company since 2004 and has played an important part in the success of the company. Initially as authorized signatory and CFO he has been chief executive officer of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH since 2016.

“Much has taken place in these 14 years. The formerly more traditionally bound customers are now demanding constant innovation and further development both in the products and in the services. We have always been pioneers in this field and have set trends. Evidence of this can be seen in the numerous patents and the world-wide successful service concepts such as, for example, the all-encompassing carefree package, Lion Total Care®.” states Hohenleitner.  

In the recent past the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH has also once again become a talking point. A few months ago, we took over the company, GMK Corporate Fashion, the workwear sector of the well-known designer, Guido Maria Kretschmer, who, among others, created the designs for the Emirates Airline, TUI or also the Deutsche Telekom. In addition, customers such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and Maritim are fitted out by his company. In this way, the LHD is strengthening its own service clothing sector and simultaneously further increasing awareness of the company.

“Systematic purchases strengthen our competence and our position in competition.” says Daniel von Chamier. He has been in the company for six years and as COO is also responsible for marketing. As a trained and experienced fireman, he knows exactly what is best for the customer. “Safety at work is becoming of ever greater importance. A modern fire protection suit must provide much more than protection against the dangers of fire. For this reason, we are constantly continuing our development in order to provide protection against carcinogenic flue gases and to protect firefighters from work-related cancerous illness.”  

So much success needs space! And, we have such a location Wesseling where the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH has established its new company headquarters at Herseler Straße 20-24. On the left bank of the Rhine, situated between Cologne and Bonn, and with excellent connections to the motorway network, the new four-storey main administrative building and the global logistics center have been built on an area of more than 10,000 m2. The center holds almost 500,000 articles in a 3-storey shelving rack and some 1,800 pallet spaces. For the first time, administrative offices and logistics have been united in one single location. “Here, too, we hope to achieve synergies, improved communication and streamlining within the work flow.” adds management. In the new premises there is also the development department and, in future, also a modern sewing department for samples. Here, customers can see and experience how design and protection are implemented and how clothing is created.

On both opening days on 20th and 21st April 2018 the customer was the focus of attention.  Theoretical knowledge involved in protective clothing was imparted in workshops. This theory was in turn then directly applied, for example, in the fire simulation unit erected in the open or in a course in accident rescue. An exhibition of the vehicles was displayed by the fire service of the City of Wesseling, the unit from the ADAC demonstrating the simulation of a vehicle turning over, sales and events stalls and much more all combined to ensure that the visitor enjoyed a varied program.

One of the first guests at the opening on Friday was Erwin Esser, the mayor of Wesseling. The pleasure is great in Wesseling at this new, and very attractive, company establishment. 

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The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH at the opening event of the new company headquarter in Wesseling.